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***  January 23 & 30 , Practical Origami

***  February 14, & 21, Practical Origami

The Clearing in Winter,  PRACTICAL ORIGAMI, classes held 9-12 in my Home Studio, Sister Bay.

***  March 8, Hardy Gallery/Friends of Gibraltar Class, Cartonnage, 9-2:30

*** April - Origami at The Meadows Gallery, as background for the wonderful Poet’s Show!

IMG 0128

*** May 18 Scottie Origami at The Scottie Rally, Baileys Harbor

***  June 14-17, A MARBLING INTENSIVE, Sievers School of Fiber Arts, Washington Island, Wisconsin

Class Full, Waiting List

Involve yourself in three days of actylic marbling and learn a range of both traditional and contemporary techniques of this ancient art with both paper and fabric.

*** June 17-23, AN ASIAN ARTS SAMPLER: BONSAI, RAKU, AND ORIGAMI, The Clearing, Ellison Bay, WI

Spend a week immersed in Asian arts.  On Monday you will make Raku pottery, that is hand shaped rather than thrown with John Dietrich, with glazing and firing later in the week. Michelle Zimmer and Jack Douthitt are accomplished bonsai artists who will help you on Tuesday to create a bonsai of your very own. On Wednesday you will join Nancy Akerly for a joyful day of origami. Challenge both hemispheres of your brain and enjoy the meditative and zen aspects of origami and kirigami - Asian paper play at its best!

*** July 1-7, PAPER ARTS: MARBLING, BOOKS AND BOXES, The Clearing, Ellison Bay, WI

A week long paper arts survey, starting with Marbling and paste paper techniques, then using your papers to create handmade journals, boxes,and books with additional papers from around the world.

*** August 2-3, TOOLBOX CLASS, A Clearing Workshop, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin

We will create a toolbox to meet your needs. Whether a sewing box, a bookbinding box, a Temari Box, a tool kit for whatever art you like, you can design a box to meet your needs, with partitions as desired, tools held inside the cover with elastic, etc. The size limit, due to material limitations is no larger than 17 x 6 x 5 or so.

*** August 26-31,A JOURNALING TOOL KIT, The Clearing,Ellison Bay, WI

Join long time Clearing instructors Darlene Cole and Nancy Akerly for an in-depth week of jounaling and paper arts. You will explore your own creative processes while making a long stitch personal journal from bookboard and fine papers,  learning techniques and daily practices to help you reflect on and explore your unique perspective and thoughts. 

*** September 22 - Marbling Demonstration at The Corner of The Past, Sister Bay Historical Society

*** September 29 - Door County Origami with Sailboats, Trees, Birds, and Fish at The Sievers Annual Gathering


***  HOME STUDIO CLASSES are small intimate classes of  five or six people taught in my Sister Bay Studio, normally on Wednesdays. Classes range from Long Stitch Binding, Coptic Binding, and Secret Belgian Binding to Box Making 101 and more advanced Box Making Classes. The classes start at 9 and run to about 2 or so, with a short break for lunch. Students bring a bag lunch. There is water and soda available and a small refrigerator. The goal is learning made fun!

Each class is $45, plus a materials fee, which varies with     the class.  If you are interested in registering or have questions please contact me at or test or call at 920-854-4246. 

 Wednesday, September 12  Chinese Thread Book, Shen Xian Bao -  see more information on my Chinese Thread Book Page.  Materials Cost: $25                                                                                                                

 Friday, September 28 (Change of date) Secret Belgian Binding, a different kind of sewn binding, with a floating spine. Materials Cost: $20

 Thursday, October 11 Magic Hidden Compartment Box, a Japanese design that holds a secret compartment. Materials Cost: $30 FULL 

IMG 0093

Wednesday, October 24 , Box within a Box, a treasure box with a secret. Materials Cost” $20  FULL

November 7 Paper Magic for Christmas,Stars, Snowflakes, and Glowing Trees. Materials Cost: $15  -  CANCELLED

Clearing in Winter Proposal for January/February, 2018

Magical Folds: Flexigons, Hexiflexigons,and More, including the Never Ending Card, a Mini Chinese Thread Book, Four Color Flexigon, a Jacobs Ladder Flexigon, and The Wrinkle in Time HexiFlexigon


***  November 29-30 FRIENDS OF GIBRALTAR HOLIDAY ART FAIR, Sister Bay Village Hall, Sister Bay, WI

LGPA work can be seen at The Clearing Gift Shop, Ellison Bay, WI, and at The Glass Door Studio Artists Co-op, directly behind Ecology Sports across from the Marina in Sister Bay, WI, and in various art shows in Door County, including The Meadows Gallery, Sister Bay, and by appointment, 920-854-4246.



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