Links to some of my favorite fabulous paper artists:

Karen Elaine Thomas

Her designs rock, her books and DVD are classics - the best written directions for origami I have seen, plus the most interesting creations.

Joan Michaels Paque

Prepare to be dazzled and inspired - she was outstanding as an artist and an instructor.

Pat K. Thomas, Seen My Marbles

Terrific website, blog, and keeps everyone up to date with her FaceBook page.  Great resource of information about marbling - a busy and kind lady!

Sue Zajac, Alaskan Artist and Marbler

Interesting website, marbling book for sale as well as cards and other works.

Sue marbles with watercolors, does lots of cool and interesting over marbling! 

Brilliant COLOR!

Two wonderful YouTube videos:


Ali Manning, Book and Paper Artist Extraordinaire, has wonderful tutorials and a very useful and practical list of tips for measuring and cutting book board.  While you are there, take a look at her excellent blog, Vintage Page Designs:

Origami Links for The Clearing in Winter Practical Origami Class:

Spinning Top

Super Cool Fold of the Week

Origami Cup

Origami Crane

Paper Balloon

Paper Wreath/Shooting Star

Masu Box with Lid


Folding Box, a few small different folds, but essentially the same

Origami rose

Simple box

Purse Envelope

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