Rhinelander School of the Arts

Sadly Rhinelander School of the Arts will not continue after the summer of 2015.  After 52 years enriching the lives of so many, the program has been cancelled by the University of Wisconsin.  I was priviledged to be a part of the staff for the past two years - it was pure joy and I treasure the many friendships I made there.

For one week each summer for over fifty years artists, writers, poets, musicians, chefs, teachers, learners, and folks with a wide variety of interests and enthusiasms have gathered in Rhinelander, Wisconsin to celebrate the joy of learning and fellowship. The Arts School is an outreach of the University of Wisconsin, Madison continuing Studies Program. For information regarding this year’s Rhinelander School of the Arts go to: http://continuingstudies.wisc.edu/conferences/school-of-the-arts-rhinelander/

2014 was my first year there as a teacher and I loved it and the wonderful people I met.  I taught two classes: Marvelous Magical Marbling, and For the Love of Books.  I am returning in 2015 with two new classes. Here are a few scenes of our adventures:

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